Success key for therapeutic discovery process on membrane proteins

Oct 12, 2020 | Technology

How can pharma and biotech companies maximize clinical success of drug and/or antibody discovery process on membrane proteins targets?

Membrane proteins are the targets of more than 50% of all existing drugs on the market. However working with this proteins comes with many challenges. For instance, despite many existing efforts it is still challenging to extract, purify and reconstitute into in vitro systems a native and functional membrane protein. Also, membrane proteins can adopt a myriad of conformation and trigger many signaling pathways making it difficult to screen for conformation selective binders.
The drug/antibody discovery process is a long and complex path with defined phases. (see graphic)

A high number of drug candidates fail through clinical phase testing because of their toxicity and/ or lack of selectivity and thus high side effects. This leads to huge loss in resources, time and a delay in finding and validating cures.

A reason for clinical phase failure.

One of the reasons to this lack of success is related to early discovery steps. Indeed, when selecting first therapeutic candidates with in vitro screenings many false negative and potentially interesting candidates are lost. In fact, the target quality and format used for screening doesn’t necessarily reflect its environment and/or conformation in the physiopathology. Thus, the selected hits would recognize the target but not necessarily/only in the physiopathology conditions. This might explain why less than 1% of initially selected candidates make it to clinical phases.
Similar concerns are related to antibody discovery. The target format and quality are crucial for successful antigen immunizations as well as for selective antibody screenings.

Solutions for increased drug validation success rate.

G.CLIPS biotech value the necessity of a dual interest when working on drug and antibody discovery: Patient interest and efficient discovery process. Thus, it is essential to take actions towards targeting the precise destination and triggering the accurate message as early as possible.
We hence work on solutions in early discovery steps leading to better consistency of the membrane protein target with its corresponding physiopathology. Thus your target will be in a pathology-like format for screening efforts, immunizations and in vitro testing.

How can we join forces?

Our overarching goal is to go hand by hand with biopharma and biotech companies towards selective, pathology oriented drug selection since early discovery steps on membrane protein targets.

We offer you the G.CLIPS technology for membrane protein stabilization and selection of functional targets in specific conformation and/or environment. Applied on solubilization, purification and reconstitution steps our method grant faster path with no time lag over the membrane protein quality. Our solutions offers condition screenings kits for:

  • Mild extraction of the membrane proteins and preservation of their integrity and function guaranteed by our solubilization mixes.
  • Unraveling in vitro conditions using membrane our conformation selective mixes to reproduce and overrepresent a pathology related format of the membrane protein.
  • Re-embedding of purified membrane proteins in tissue-like environment corresponding to the pathology thanks to our bilayer mixes.